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What's NEW @ North Sydney Tennis & Gym

A new class schedule is arriving as of Tuesday 15 June 2021. We have listened to your feedback and we look forward to getting some of your feedback once we get started.

Check out the changes that have been included:

  • A low-impact Core and Stretch class has been introduced which will be a welcome balance compared to the HIIT style training sessions
  • Located on the on-site tennis courts, Outdoor Bootcamp will be introduced on a Friday AM. In the case of rain, we can always come indoors for the session.
  • We have introduced a 2nd class in the evening timeslots. We will now commence at 5.15pm for 45 minutes and follow this up with a 30 minute session.
  • We welcome our new recruit, Patrick Gregorowski. He will be joining Dom and Jose in the gym to take our fitness sessions.
  • We’ve updated the timetable to add more variety of sessions throughout the week.
  • Inclusion of 30 minute sessions on the timetable to allow for better flexibility for those who are time poor. 

Evolt Scan

The Evolt Scanner is coming to North Sydney!


The scanner will be at the gym for one week only commencing on Tuesday 15 June 2021.


We are inviting all our members for a FREE health consultation with our trainer and assist in tracking your fitness progress.


Click here for more information and secure your spot.