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What Makes a Successful Detox

As stated in our previous Article, the idea of a Detox is to help Restore you’re your Digestive System from an Acidic state, to a Neutral environment so it can properly absorb and process the food we eat.
Restoring your Digestive System is no different to restoring your body after long, vigorous exercise, all you need to do is allow it to REST, RECUPERATE and REPAIR.

How do we do this you ask? Simple.

1) REST:

Cut down on food for 24 hours.
This will give your digestive system a physical break.

Less food in = less food to process = more time to repair.

Caution: As stated in our previous Article, You can’t go too long cutting calories or it creates another stress on your body – starvation mode. This is why we’ll only go 24 hours. If you want to go longer, wait a fortnight and do it again.


Eat A LOT of greens. Green veges are extremely high in chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the easiest to absorb ‘Alkaline” food which makes it the best ‘Neutraliser’ for our gut. Remember: Toxic Gut = Acidic; Chlorophyll = Alkaline

Get your gut to a pH of Neutral and if your carrying excessive fat congratulations, you’ll be now dropping it healthily and continuously as long as your pH stays Neutral! (If interested I can order some saliva strips to test this, just shoot through an email info@bouncefit.com.au)

The reason the lemon detox diet has become popular is because although lemon is acidic, it requires an alkaline enzyme to break it down in our gut, which, creates an alkaline gut environment. BUT, why buy it at a ridiculously marked up price complete with added sugar and preservatives when you can buy real lemons (or limes) to add to your water??? Cheaper, better for you (much better chance of absorbing their vitamins & minerals)!


Your Digestive system WANTS to be healthy (neutral), and wants to repair itself… it just needs a chance! Rest it, and support it through basic green vegetables to help get it back to Neutral, where it can start processing your food properly again!
Our next Articles over the coming fortnight will guide you through what to eat to succeed here and for long term results. But to start of with, prepare yourself mentally for the 24 hour Detox this Monday. You’ll be eating greens only (and lemon water if you wish)! ANYTHING Green is Ok, the greener the better, the fresher the better so prepare for a weekend supermarket shop! (some protein options will be available for the Protein Types out there to avoid any side effects like head aches).

More to come soon.

Questions? Please fire away! That’s what this is all about! So until tomorrow, just understand that all we are trying to achieve is neutralising your toxic Gut so you can better absorb the goodness in food, and eliminate the waste (fat).

Please share this with your friends! Either ‘Invite’ them to this Event, or post the link on your wall. The more people involved, the better the interactions and learning goes… which hopefully means better motivation and results!!!