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When playing tennis at our local club or park many players do not even consider what resources actually have to go into making their game pleasureable.

Most Australian top clubs such as Tennis World North Sydney have heavily invested in infrastructure and resources to ensure they provide the best facilities and conditions for their members to learn and enjoy playing their favourite sport.

Included in this blog are some of the factors that make up an ideal situation for tennis enjoyment.

Foundation and Bases

Correct foundations are essential in ensuring the longevity and stability of what you build on top. Poor foundations ultimately lead to damage, rectification costs and potentially less than optimum life.


Traditionally, tennis court perimeter fences have been the rectangular box-like fencing enclosures. This traditional approach is not essential for play and there are alternatives to consider.

There are a number of items to keep in mind in relation to fencing, such as; wind loads, future impacts on the fence and the ever present issue of maintenance and repair.


Night tennis is becoming increasingly popular, therefore clubs with decent lighting attract more players and revenue increases. Illuminated outdoor courts provide additional hours for play for people who work and have limited time available.


The most common court item that suffers wear and tear is the tennis net. This needs constant maintenance as damage from weather and by play is a regular occurrence.


The condition and longevity of a tennis court is directly related to the amount of care and maintenance it receives. All tennis courts facilities and equipment require some degree of maintenance over their life especially the tennis court.

The degree, frequency, amount and cost of maintenance vary depending on the type of surface installed.

Ancillary Facilities

There are stacks of additional facilities and equipment that a tennis club could provide for their member’s tennis enjoyment.

These extras are determined by the type of court usage and the type of court surface, and most relate directly to the court or type of activity.


The clubhouse is the focal point of any club and without doubt the most used facility. It is the showpiece of the club and creates an initial and lasting impression. It is also one of the major selling points in attracting and retaining members.


First impressions count and can have a lasting impact on how to relate to the tennis club. Initially it is the visual aesthetics, secondly people like to enjoy their experience. It is the overall amenities that can satisfy both these needs.




All these resources help to make up a good tennis club and enhance user and visitor experience. Tennis World North Sydney is an excellent club and provides everything that has been listed.