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If you are learning tennis, then you are probably noticing that there are different layers of learning the game. As you progress with your Tennis Coach you will get to know that your learning does not take place at a singular level.

If you take this theory into real life, then you start as a child at kindergarten and progress through the grades at school and end up at university. The basics are just building blocks of what comes later, for instance you learn how to count then later do sums.

It is the same in tennis, first you learn a basic shot then variations upon that shot. But the basics must be learned first. Some players do not understand this at the beginning and get caught up with frustration and their mistakes.

Making Small Mistakes

Tennis is a sport of fine margins, a ball that is an inch out is just as much out of play according to the rules as a ball that is a yard out of play. You might have played a terrific match in your estimation but still lost, and the reasons are because you kept on missing the lines by an inch or so.

Do not be despondent, it is just another phase in your learning that can be addressed. A slight change in perhaps your racket face might solve everything and it will take care of itself as you progress. Many players are not content with the level of play that they have reached, they cannot see that hitting the ball an inch out is only a minute mistake.

Being Too Cautious

Student and learners who are progressing through their learning of the game need to understand the level they have achieved thus far. It is a key area in their development, and something that they should work on with their tennis coach.

It is quite common to see players not go for a winner when they have a perfect right to do so, they play cautiously because they are not confident enough in their own ability. This is another phase of learning tennis, and it is a mental and not a physical problem.

As many sales people are advised, close the deal! If you have a glaring opportunity to win the point, then do so. It is far better that you go for the winner, if you lose the point then it will be a learning experience and one that you can turn into a positive.

You need to understand taking up the game that your learning comes in stages, and each phase has to be completed before you move on. When you grasp this concept then the whole process becomes far easier to bear and a lot less stressful.