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Watching the pro’s can be a great way to learn the game in any sport, tennis is no difference. Observing the great players will assist in many things such as technique and tactics.

There is no better player to study than Serena Williams, she has been one of the best players that has ever graced the sport and watching her play many pointers can be picked up.

One of the reasons for Serena’s years of success is the confidence she displays to her opponents, this can be an overwhelming factor on a game.

It is a well know fact that you should never display your emotions on a tennis court, this is not the case in confidence. Let your body language speak for you and play on just how confident you are.

Confident Body Language

Serena Williams is a master in confident body language, if you study her you can see by the way she walks and acts on court that her opponents are often intimidated before the match has even started.

This can have a huge impact on the outcome of the game, as the start of a match is critical. Many of her opponents struggle at the beginning of matches to overcome this obstacle.

As a tennis player you really have to become a great actor on the court. We now know how much body language influences feelings on court.

Serena has been practicing confident body language for a really long time and this combined with lots of victories has led to very strong-belief as well as natuarally confident body language.

Serena is also can famous for playing little tricks on opponents minds before a match.

How To Incorporate This Into Your Game

When you start to practice confident body language you will automatically start to feel more confident. Having positive body language is only a part of self confidence, it has to be combined with skill and technique.

Next time you watch Serena play, study her body language between points and then try and duplicate it.

Practice Your Serve

Serena is well known for having one of the best serves ever in women’s tennis, she has perfected her serve with hours on the practice courts. The serve is a key shot, and it sets the tone for your other shots, and how you generally feel about your game.

How often do you really practice your serve? Take time out to improve this key element to your game.

If you play three times a week you should make room in every practice session to hit serves for at least 15 minutes.

However, if you have poor technique then countless hours practicing your serve will not help. You also have to address your technique with your coach and perfect this also.

Definitely Serena Williams is a great role model for any aspiring player, her two great attributes of her serve and her self-confidence have guided her to many a victory.