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Do you live in the Elizabeth Bay, Woolahara, Double Bay or Darlinghurst areas of Sydney and are looking for a tennis club for your kids tennis lessons, then Tennis World North Sydney offer the ANZ Hot Shots Program.

Tennis World North Sydney encompasses a complete tennis program for kids of any age, from developing motor skills as young as 3, to ANZ Tennis Hot Shots so that they play with more confidence, and also offer more professional coaching for older students and those who may be in competitions.

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots

Australia’s official kids starter program is Tennis Australia’s ANZ Hot Shots Program. It is aimed at kids from five to twelve years old. Utilising modified courts and equipment, and different compression balls, kids are taught to learn to rally and score in match play environments that is fitting to their development needs.

Hot Shots Stages

Although the actual ages are for guideline purposes, kids progress through four development stages.

As the different stages come about, the compression of the ball and the court size changes with the development of the players. The gradual progression increases as their skills improves and prepares the kids to eventually playing with a yellow ball.

Skills Taught

At ANZ Tennis Hot Shots, kids will use and learn different equipment and techniques.

Kids Enjoyment

Traditional methods of coaching were a little staid, often kids were waiting around in a line waiting for their turn to hit a shot. Kids get bored easily and with no participation their minds tend to turn to something else.

It is critical that you capture the kids full concentration for the duration of the lesson, and the best way to do this is through enjoyment. If the kids are having fun, they will not even notice that they are actually learning and they are in fact in a lesson environment.

Tennis Hot Shots achieves this, the lessons are all in a game environment where the kids are fully engaged. The modified equipment also helps the youngsters to get to grips with the court, rackets, and balls.