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Any tennis player dreams of being able to play like the professionals, our favourite stars seem to play effortlessly and have complete control when they play.

And it is always a good idea to watch the pro’s playing and pick up some good tips that will help your technique and shot play. This goes for adults and kids also, you are never too young to pick up tips from the pro’s.

In this blog we look at seven tips that will help your kids enjoy their tennis more and improve them technically. These tips have been taken from the professionals so they should work even for the most basic player.

Find A Pattern

Once you find a pattern that works for you, stick to it. This is extremely important for learners as they can rely on the shots they they are good at. Getting distracted by playing risky shots is not a good idea.

Control Your Serve

The serve is the most important shot to focus on. Most beginners try to serve too fast, it is far better to serve at 75% speed but have good accuracy.

Concentrate On Your Stance

When you are playing you shots ensure that you position your back leg correctly so you can get the correct weight behind the ball. It will also allow you to transfer your weight easier.

Keep Adjusting Your Momentum

Adjust your play as the match is panning out. Beginners normally play themselves into a game and start slowly rather than going hell for leather.

Keep Nourished and Hydrated

Before, during and after a match make sure you take on board enough fluids and eat plenty of nourishing snacks. Slow release energy storage foods such as bananas are ideal, and water perhaps with some nutrients is a good idea.

Don’t Play Risky Shots

Always play percentage tennis and avoid risky shots such as hitting close to the lines. Always pick targets that you know you can hit. This way you will win points and your confidence will grow.

Do Your Homework

Know your opponents, their strengths and weaknesses. Always respect your opponent by doing your homework on them, then base your game strategy on this information. Play on their weak points and try and not give them the opportunity to play to their strengths.

These seven tips will definitely help your kids to develop their game, at whatever level they are these seven tips are applicable. Instil in them that they must try putting these tips into every game they play, and when they are at the local tennis club put them into action whenever they are on court.