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Unlike most top professionals the majority of us do not get paid for chasing the sun around the globe in pursuit of their sport.

We make do with playing after work or weekends and I suppose occasionally on holiday. For those who live in colder climates then often our tennis shoes get stored away for the winter like a hibernating tortoise.

Most reputable clubs such as Tennis World North Sydney operate all year round, so the opportunity to play tennis is there, but often the inclination is not.

So what are your options if you wish to participate in your favourite sport all year round?

Play Indoors

An obvious choice to solve your problem is to find an indoor or covered court. You can stay dry and play to your heart’s content, and best of all wear your shorts whilst it thunders down with rain outside.

Fortunately for the avid players, winter programs are run all over Australia, and clubs stay open all year round with a variety of coaching, cardio fitness sessions and social competitions.

Take A Tennis Holiday

Due to the variety of climates in Australia, it is possible to find somewhere where the weather is perfect for tennis no matter what time of the year.

A tennis holiday break could be just the ticket in reviving your dwaining spirits during the long winter, and revive your pep.

Queensland has a fairly mild climate and is not as distinctive as that of Australia’s southern states, mostly the climate is mild, fine and sunny.

This encourages players to play all year round and in winter there is very little rain unlike summer.

Added to this is the fact that many of Queensland’s best tournaments are held during the winter months.

For those who live at the Top of Australia, the dry season between May-October, features warm days and cool nights. The humidity during this period is also much lower.

Tennis is extremely popular during this time, with clubs holding tournaments as well as running leagues. Night tennis is becoming more and more popular in the Northern Territory.

Western Australia’s winter is mild and rain rarely interrupts sport for very long, players in WA tend to play in the evenings at weekends or weekend mornings.

Tournaments are held all year round, with junior events held at weekends and school holidays. Outdoor tennis is enjoyed by all and many clubs actually keep their grass courts open.

Rain Stops Play

Playing tennis on wet courts can be hazardous for obvious reasons, players can slip and strain muscles, tear ligaments and suffer fractures from rolled ankles.

Also if balls get wet there is the possibility of overloading the tendons from the excessive weight causing tennis elbow.

If the weather cannot be beaten then take the opportunity to develop other parts of your game, focus on the tactical and technical side of things.

Really playing tennis outside in the cold and rain is a complete non starter, the possible problems you may face far outweigh any benefits you might receive, you are far better going to a nice warm gym and keeping your fitness levels ticking over.