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Ok, so we’re now ready for the 24 hour Detox.

REMEMBER: Your Goal is two-fold;

  1. Give your digestive system time to Rest by eating less total calories, and easily digested food (Less Work = Time to Recover).
  2. Eat Alkaline Foods which helps Restore your Digestive System from TOXIC to Alkaline (Green fruits & vegetables!)

So for all of Monday, we’re eating GREENS! The darker green the better! The easiest way to do this is by making your own juices.


Lemon & Ginger

2 Cups of filtered water

1 Lemon

1 Apple

Grated Ginger

4 Spinach leaves

Strawberry Favourite

2 cups of filtered Water

½ punnet of Strawberries (wash well and individually – most sprayed fruit!)

½ Banana

6 leaves of Bok Choy

Mango Magic

2 cups filtered water

1 Mango

1 Apple

Pinch of Parsley

4 leaves of Chard

Added Goodness:

For better results, add 10g of fibre to TWO of your juices, with either Psyllium Husk, or Flaxseed.

Vegetable Servings:

This is not quite as exciting as the Juices, but, ensure you have 2 STEAMED vegetable meals as follows:

2 cups of Broccoli

1-2 Garlic cloves

6 leafy Greens (Spinach; Kale; Bok Choy etc)


Squeeze of Lemon


Preparation Tips:

Wash your food before eating to eliminate any ‘sprays’ they’ve been exposed too.

Blenders are better than juicers because the ‘chunky’ bits are better roughage.

For the Protein Lovers:

If you are struggling with a 100% Carb Plan, you will need to add some protein and fats to avoid symptoms like lethargy and headaches.

Add some seafood (boiled is best), but remember for this 24 hour period to keep the servings light.

Nuts are another option, but PLEASE chew them very well! Nuts are quite hard to break down, and we want to Rest your Digestive System, so chew very well!


What About Supplements? The Best Bang for their Buck!

Supplements I recommend due to their potential benefits for their price are as follows:

Foods to Avoid:

Absolutely, positively avoid the following foods because they are very common Food Intolerances:

Dairy (all forms. Yep even yogurt)

All white Carbs (bread; pasta; rice; basically anything in a packet)

Caffeine (we certainly don’t want any insulin spikes on detox day, the come down will be terrible and we want to keep your hormones level for ongoing fat loss.)

Can I Go Longer?

In 24 hours your System will most like ly not recover back to full health, BUT, I honestly believe you’ll achieve better results and adherence if you stick to just a 24 hour Detox and repeating in a weeks time if needed. Remember, the last thing we want is to stress our system by cutting calories to a point where our metabolism slows down, so again, stick to 24 hours and repeat in a week or fortnights time as needed.


So, for 24 hours you’re eating fresh fruit and Veges, with a little boiled / steamed protein as required. The more greens the better because they will alkalise your gut, and are easy to digest. Eat as much greens as you wish, and you should notice by the end of the day your pee is clear enough for Bear Grylls to drink!

Happy Shopping over the Weekend!

Got any other DETOX JUICE IDEAS? Please Post them below!